We are hard working brewers, cooks, servers, bartenders, managers, and administrators and we believe beer should complement our lifestyle. We love balance in life. We also love celebrating! HARD WORK! BALANCE! CELEBRATION! These words define our company, our beer, and our future. We brew a variety of beers that are popularized across the world though we specialize in English and American ales. There’s always something new to try in our taproom; we aim to educate your palate and expand your senses with our delicate and balanced ales and lagers.


Cascadia Arcadia IPA

5.5% ABV
English-style IPA with a smooth malt body and local hops.

Uncommon Espresso Stout

5.5% ABV
Smooth, black ale with locally roasted espresso beans from Uncommon Coffee Roasters.

Pecan Porter

6% ABV
Rich, dark ale made with house-roasted Georgia Pecans!

Natural Blonde Ale

5% ABV
The lightest of ales with a clean hop finish.

Mackarillo Session IPA – ON CASK

5.5% ABV
Light and hoppy, bursting with tropical aromas. 12oz only.

Spruce Tip IPA

6% ABV
Medium body pale ale with fresh hops and spruce tips. Herbal and commplex.


5.5% ABV
German-style wheat beer; light and sweet.

Coconut Brown Ale

5% ABV
English brown ale with a touch of sweet coconut

Himalayan Gose’

5% ABV
Kettle Sour ale made with fresh fruit and pink salt.

Hazy Cousins IPA

7% ABV
Our flagship IPA, Seven Cousins, dry- hopped with copious amounts of Chinook hops.


Truth Juice Imperial IPA
River Country Pale Ale
Jawbone Milk Stout

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