We are hard working brewers, cooks, servers, bartenders, managers, and administrators and we believe beer should complement our lifestyle. We love balance in life. We also love celebrating! HARD WORK! BALANCE! CELEBRATION! These words define our company, our beer, and our future. We brew a variety of beers that are popularized across the world though we specialize in English and American ales. There’s always something new to try in our taproom; we aim to educate your palate and expand your senses with our delicate and balanced ales and lagers.


North York English Ale

5% ABV 35 IBU
Traditional English Mild Ale with a bready body and fresh Goldings hops

1916 Pre-Prohibition Porter

5.5% ABV 20 IBU
Light bodied black ale brewed with raw and brown malt.

Dancing Pig Cream Ale

6.5% ABV 16 IBU
Light and refreshing ale brewed with corn and Michigan Yeast.

Gingerhouse Saison

5.6% ABV 24 IBU
Medium bodied French Saison brewed with candied Ginger.

Wee Heavy

9% ABV 28 IBU
A rich, Scottish strong ale boasting flavors of toasted caramel, molasses and spice.

Coconut Brown Ale

5% ABV 32 IBU
Traditional English Brown Ale made with sweet and creamy coconut.

Steelhead Irish Red

5.25% ABV 24 IBU
Easy drinking red ale with a toasted body and light hops.

Peach Mint Kolsch

5.5% ABV 24 IBU
A light Kolsch “mojito beer.” Peaches, lime juice and fresh mint! A welcomed change of pace!

Imperial Stout

9% ABV 74 IBU
Black and rich, this Russian Imperial stout has flavors of coffee, dark fruit, and roast.

Death Rye IPA

6.5% ABV 65 IBU
Bitter, hoppy Red IPA Brewed with spicy Rye malt.


5% ABV 18 IBU
Traditional German Wheat Ale, esters of clove. Light and refreshing!

Pecan Porter

6.5% ABV 38 IBU
We roast 15#s of pecans for each 90 gallon batch. Dark, approachable, with a touch of sweetness.

Seven Cousins IPA

8.2% ABV 65 IBU
Our house IPA. Full bodied and showcasing Newaygo Chinook hops.

Uncommon Espresso Stout

5.8% ABV 35 IBU
Medium bodied stout beer with locally roasted coffee. Thanks Uncommon Coffee Roasters!

Cinnamon Toast Kolsch

6.5% ABV 26 IBU
Light Kolsch beer brewed with cereal. Aroma of cinnamon with a touch of maple sweetness.

Baltic Black Ale

8% ABV 32 IBU
A rich, nordic porter with a touch of smoke and black licorice.

Cask Ales

Check out our specialty cask ales, available on select weekends. Naturally carbonated ales served from our UK beer engines at cellar temperature.


$8/four 5oz servings*
Hard ciders included!

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Cask Ale is not just warm and flat. We think there is a descriptive language that is, well, more poeticAt Newaygo Brewing we like to say it’s served at cellar temps and naturally carbonated. Capice?

Our rotating lineup of traditional casks ales present full-bodied and balanced with tall, thick heads. It’s a sublime drinking experience for the true connoisseur. We believe that any of our English Porters on cask represent the epitome of our beer brand. If you see Porter available on cask, order it. You must.