We are hard working brewers, cooks, servers, bartenders, managers, and administrators and we believe beer should complement our lifestyle. We love balance in life. We also love celebrating! HARD WORK! BALANCE! CELEBRATION! These words define our company, our beer, and our future. We brew a variety of beers that are popularized across the world though we specialize in English and American ales. There’s always something new to try in our taproom; we aim to educate your palate and expand your senses with our delicate and balanced ales and lagers.


No Juice For You

5.9% ABV 65 IBU
Loads of citrus hop character in a dry, hazy Pale Ale

Rooftop Knights Rye IPA

7.5% ABV 77 IBU
Centennial and Simcoe hops dominate this full-bodied rye IPA

Brook’s House Milk Stout

4.75% ABV 28 IBU
Medium-bodied sweet stout with lactose balancing ample roast

Baltic Black Ale

8% ABV 32 IBU
Rich black ale with a touch of smoke and black licorice

Mulled Over Winter Spiced Ale

5.4% ABV 26 IBU
Amber ale gently spiked with warm winter spices

North York English Ale

5.6% ABV 38 IBU
Traditional English Mild Ale with a bready body and fresh Goldings hops

Scale Tipper IPA

6.7% ABV 60 IBU
Balanced to hop flavor/aroma: Cashmere, Ekuanot, and Mackinac hops shine in this citrus-forward IPA

Coconut Brown Ale

5% ABV 24 IBU
English Brown Ale with sweet and creamy coconut

Seven Cousins IPA

7.5% ABV 65 IBU
Our house IPA brewed with locally-grown Chinook hops


5% ABV 16 IBU
Light and refreshing traditional German wheat ale

1916 Pre-Prohibition Porter

5.1% ABV 23 IBU
Light-bodied, clean porter with brown malt and a hint of flaked corn

Steelhead Irish Red

5.25% ABV 20 IBU
Easy drinkin’ Red Ale with a toasted body and light hops.

House Hard Seltzer

Naturally made hard soda with a touch of sweetness. Flavors rotate seasonally.


$8/four 5oz servings*
Hard ciders included!

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