Rosso Amore

Our signature wine; big, red, soft, & dry. For the discerning palette
GLASS- $8.00     BOTTLE- $18.00 (In-house & To Go)

Oaked Chardonnay

Medium bodied with subtle melon and peach notes
GLASS- $8.50     BOTTLE- $18.00 (In-house & To Go)

German Style Riesling

Apple, daisies, and citrus on the nose and palette
GLASS- $7.50    BOTTLE- $15.00 (In-house & To Go)

Cherry Pie

Michigan Balaton cherries make this wine robust, sweet, & tart
GLASS- $7.50    BOTTLE- $15.00 (In-house & To Go)

Honey Kissed Peach

Semi-sweet peach wine with Michigan clover honey
GLASS- $7.50     BOTTLE- $15.00 (In-house & To Go)

Midnight Reserve

19.5% ABV fortified dessert wine. Rich with notes of cocoa and plumb. To be sipped and savored
GLASS- $8.50     BOTTLE- $18.00 (In-house & To Go)


Totally Toasted

7% ABV $6.50 per pint

Balanced sweetness of apple with a touch of cinnamon and pecan.

Hard Cherry Cider

7% ABV $6.50 per pint

Famous for its balance of tart and sweet! Get it while it lasts.

Blueberry Apples

7% ABV $6.50 per pint

Sweet cider with blueberry sweetness and tart apples.

Ginger Zero Cider

7% ABV $6.50 per pint

Dry Cider with a touch of ginger.