Newaygo Brewing Co single hop dry ale.

We’ll let these guys tell you all about the emerging Brut IPA style
The Birth of the Brut IPA

Our head brewer, Chad made a few test batches late 2018, playing with different hop and base malts. Amalayse was easy to come by and use. We’ve always been fans of dry, hop focused beers, pushing for drinkablility above all else. Have you tried our Adioats! Pale Ale, India Pale Lager, or Copper Hop Lager? We’ve been playing in this field for a few years now.

In December the staff sampled 5 gallon batches of Mosaic and Simcoe hopped brut beers. Deciding both were great examples of the emerging style, Chad and Nick scaled up the tests batches, made some minor tweaks and brew more! With community education already a cornerstone of Newaygo Brewing Co’s mission, utilizing this new beer style to intentionally showcase delicious hops varieties seemed a great opportunity. The Mosiac hops present with a herbal bitterness, big fruity and berry aromas with a touch of woody spice. When this brew runs dry we’ll be taping a Simcoe hop version of the same 🙂

Hop-Ed: Mosaic Brut
Released 1/10/19
ABV 6.5%
FG. 0.00
IBU ~34